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November 30, 2020

It turned out that we did not have a sleep study on Saturday. There was some mixup regarding insurance and the proper authorization/paperwork -- probably because of the holiday weekend and folks being out of the office. We'll get it figured it out soon. Luckily, the clinic is very close to our house, so it wasn't a big deal that we rode over there and couldn't get the equipment.

We ended up with six days in a row with no hospitals, needles, or testing. Mark has really enjoyed the beautiful weather and visits from friends and family. The kids surprised him with some Christmas inflatables in the front yard. We've never had them before, but Mark has always remarked wistfully as we've driven by homes with extravagant displays. I'd call ours a modest display, but it's definitely livelier than our usual holiday decorations.

A.J. has become Mark's new in-house barber. He can shave his face on his own, but he does have to be careful with his head to avoid getting near his incision (which is healing BEAUTIFULLY, by the way). Today, A.J. did a great job on both his head and face.

In other news, we found out which group Mark will be in for the clinical study. You may remember that he starts treatment this Wednesday - radiation in the morning and oral chemo pills in the evening. He will do that for six weeks, followed by four weeks of no treatment, and then an MRI which should land somewhere around mid-February. If he weren't in the study, he would start five days back on Temodar, 23 days off, for six cycles. But he's been put in the group with the trial drug, so he will be taking neratinib at that point instead. 

Tomorrow, we head back to the Cancer Center in the afternoon. We meet with Dr. Fadul to sign all the paperwork for the clinical trial and get another blood draw for labs. And we'll be looking forward to watching some UVA Men's Basketball in the evening!

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  • Karen Powell : Love the Christmas blow ups! Will have to take a drive by to your home. Lucky Mark to have a stay at home barber; good job AJ 👍!
  • Jan Cubbage : Wow! Both Mark & donations look fantastic! What a great family!
  • Phil Chaney : Love how you manage your time.The decoration is awesome.🙏
  • Phil Chaney : 🙏🙏🙏
  • Malcolm Carver : Griswold's look out! Nice decorations:)
  • Kevin Schuyler : Go AJ! Love the decorations. Strong resemblance between Mark and Frosty. Separated at birth?
  • Gino Sacco : Luv the Christmas decorations! Brightens up every day. Salute'
  • Veronica Price-Thomas : AJ , you did a great job with Coach’s hair cut and shave. Tara, I am sure that the Christmas decorations put a big smile on Mark’s face. Continued prayers 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
  • Olivia Branch : Mark and the decorations look good!! Prayers as you begin with your regimen of wellness!!