Bill Deiss|Apr 5, 2018
Great news. Will keep praying.
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Susan Cammenga|Apr 5, 2018
That IS awesome! We will keep praying for continued forward strides. God Bless you all.
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Sharon Sobers|Apr 5, 2018
Woo hoo!!! So glad to hear this great news!!! Keep moving forward!!! :) Prayers for continued healing and positive progress.
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Carrie Blain|Apr 4, 2018
That's wonderful news you go Markey poo. Granny knew you could do it
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Greg Sands|Apr 4, 2018
Mark (a.k.a Huddley James), Glad to hear your doing so good!
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David Buckner|Apr 4, 2018
Like I said Mark, I knew that you could do it. Amazing and I'm glad that you continue to improve. Man that's awesome.
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Cindy Harrington|Apr 4, 2018
This is great news....keep up the good work
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Kathryn Bennett|Apr 4, 2018
This is amazing news!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go Mark!!!!
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Tina Lankamp|Apr 4, 2018
That’s awesome Mark glad u are doing good keep up the good work ❤️❤️
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Geb Bassett|Apr 4, 2018
Keep up the good news Mark!
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