Ronda Bonebrake|Apr 1, 2018
Continuing to keep you in my prayers!
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Mathew Magdic|Mar 31, 2018
That is very uplifting news so glad after all his hard work he catches a little break...keep up the good work Mark continued thoughts and prayers are with you all !!!! đź’–
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Kari VanNatter|Mar 31, 2018
Great to hear the surgery went well and the remaining portion is healthy!! Prayers answered!! Keep up the great work!
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David Buckner|Mar 31, 2018
I knew that you could do it Mark. It was great seeing and talking with you again. Keep getting better man, you have it in you.
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Mike Tull|Mar 31, 2018
Keep up the good work Mark!
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Tina Lankamp|Mar 31, 2018
That’s good news glad his surgery went well . You tell him if he’s craving for any kind of food we’re goodies let me know. I will Bring it up to him ❤️
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