Journal entry by Charlene Johnson

The doctors said that Mark's pneumothorax is larger this morning which seemed obvious to Mark and Kris during his PT this morning.  Mark couldn't really do anything without getting really short of breath.  The doctors are going to get with the Intervention Radiology doctors to see if they need to move the chest tube and also talk with the specialist about putting more valves in.  Kris said Mark's positive attitude from yesterday is in hiding today.  I think we can all (to some extent) understand how frustrated he must be feeling.  

Shelly is bringing pizza up to them today so hopefully that will cheer him up.  They say thank you for all the cards, well wishes and goodies everyone is bringing to them. 

Please continue to pray for Mark and his healing.  That lung needs to be stable before he can be moved to a rehabilitation facility. 

The plans for the benefit are coming together so keep April 28th on your calendars!  We have some awesome auction items that will be available.

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