Cheryl Shaffer|Oct 6, 2018
Hi Mark- kudos on the hard work paying off- getting sprung on Tuesday will feel amazing! We’re excited for the progress you’re making day by day and look forward to you coming home to Alaska soon!
The trees are shedding their colors now; we’re walking on calico carpets of yellow and orange and the dust has been blowing up the Matanuska and Knik valleys. Pioneer Peak had a fresh dusting of snow and several of the peaks through Sutton are tinted white. Almost time to swap the tires on the car again.
The days are getting shorter on sunshine and a chill has settled into the afternoon.
Have a great weekend and keep up the strong work.
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Leeza Visconti|Oct 4, 2018
Thank you for the on going updates about Mark’s progress. The update is very encouraging , especially if they are going to release him to go home next week.

Mark, It’s going to be a long road and one you’re familiar with and know that you can travel it—one step at a time. We love you and will be there with you as you travel this journey. Much love & hugs, Leeza & Ken
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