Leeza Visconti|Sep 22, 2018
That is such wonderful news! Mark is having an amazing recovery ! Please tell Mark : “It’s one step at a time” as we say on the mountain & he is “crushing it.” Thank you so much for keeping us updated on Mark. Much love to Mark & family, Leeza & Ken
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Leslayann Schecterson|Sep 22, 2018
Been road tripping all week and in New Mexico for a few days now. Thinking of you each day, so happy to read of your wonderful progress!
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Cheryl Shaffer|Sep 21, 2018
Wow- had no idea what you've been going through. I had just gone through photographs of your kitchen the other day, and was going to call to see if everything was going ok with the Viking Red Dragon. LOL I'm thankful to hear that you're doing well enough to be released to the rehab unit and that Jessie is close at hand to keep an eye on you. One step has already turned into 250+, and soon you'll double and triple that and be back home in Talkeetna.
Autumn is settling in quickly up here, the yellows and reds are stunning along the roadside and up the mountains. The jolly ravens are fat and sassy. It's been a lovely September, with bluebird skies, after a wet and cold August. We had a dusting of snow on Pioneer Peak, but it melted off. The Lights were dancing many nights last week, sorry you missed them, but its just the beginning of their season. Get home soon so you can see the show again for yourself.
If you need anything checked on up here, or done, say so, and we'll get it done. Stay strong and call anytime.
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Greg Counts|Sep 21, 2018
That's the greatest news I've heard all week hooray Hallelujah you're awesome buddy I told you you got this you got everybody behind you you got people you don't even remember behind you can't wait to see you buddy looks like I'm working all weekend and it was hell week this week but it's behind us just like your surgery it's behind you tear the mirror off don't look back love you brother keep up the good recovery
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Sylvia Stanley|Sep 21, 2018
Excellent, excellent news. So good to hear. Way to go, Mark. You are quite the inspiration! Xoxo
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Michele King-McNany|Sep 21, 2018
I am so thankful you are healing well my friend. I hope you gain full abilities to live your life as you choose. Michele
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