Amanda Wigginton|Apr 3, 2018
Marissa is the most courageous young lady I've every had the privilege to meet. Let her know we are praying earnestly for her. {{hugs}} Much love my friend!
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Aimee Ferry|Apr 3, 2018
I can most certainly relate as far as her pain. I was 14 when I had to undergo spinal surgery for the same reason. I was born with scoliosis and it got to be got the point where I coulnt walk. I'm sorry your little one has to go through this pain! I've had 3 children and my back surgery was by far the worst pain! I hope everything goes well for your little girl. Huggs and kisses 😘😘
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Mandy Webster|Apr 1, 2018
Thank you for sharing this. I will continue to be praying. My heart hurts for you guys. Meals and babysitting seem so inadequate. Please let me know if I can do more. Love you guys.
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Carolyn Stewart|Mar 31, 2018
Wow I can only imagine how overwhelming that must feel. I can understand she doesn't feel brave enough in the face of that and yet to others we see such strength in her. We will be praying especially into all this and the recovery. Maybe you can post an address where she could receive mail, also a reminder if she has any food allergies? We love you guys and will stand with you in this.
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Megan Wolf|Mar 31, 2018
Many prayers will be sent up for Marissa and family! She is such a strong little girl and I am sure mom and dad are making the best decisions on her behalf. I know you guys have been walking a long difficult road and continue to do so. Please remember you all have friends near and far who care about you all and we are here no matter what. XOXO!
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carolyn teevin|Mar 31, 2018
Marissa, you are definitely courageous. You have already overcome many obstacles. I am so relieved that you have such a wonderful medical team, and remember that you KNOW the Great Physician . We will be praying for you!
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Danielle OToole|Mar 31, 2018
Oh Marissa! You have been dealing with pain and other realities in your life that many adults could not handle. You are not only courageous but you are strong. I wish you the best sweet girl. I will be thinking about you!
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Suzanne Crossley|Mar 31, 2018
I will be praying for her and for your family. Marissa is one of the most courageous people I have come across in life. She and her story really touched me at the RareKC event. She gives me strength on my bad days. Hang in there! Praying all goes well.
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