Thoughts & Well Wishes

Amy Aquilino | Nov 15, 2018

You are constantly in my thoughts.  I hope you are healing and I'm so glad that you are surrounded by love and support. Thank you for being such an inspiration and for being my shero.  You are the strongest woman I know!

I'm attaching a picture of the family (I had a baby in May, his name is Sammy).

Yours in sisterhood,

Bronwyn Galloway | May 3, 2018
Hi Marilyn. Remember that was my mother's name! Hely sent you a video recently of me at Mills College saying hello to you. I was there with Diana of Women's Global Leadership Initiative, I recently became her EA. I hope you got the video. I am leaving tomorrow to follow U2 on tour for two weeks. I hear you are working away where you are, of course! Please reach out if I can help in any way. Say hi to Chris, I'm so glad you're near your son. Goddess bless!
Veronica Gomez | Mar 31, 2018
Marilyn listening to Pandora- Frank Sinatra Channel.
I am here with a very dear friend I’ve known for at least 30 years- when she first moved to CA- long time.
I’ll be here for the whole day; hearing her laughter - the best in the world. 
Linda Thurston | Mar 30, 2018
Friends and fans of Marilyn - This is an addendum to my last post about my visit with Marilyn.  A long-time mutual and dear friend, Kay Wallick, and I will be going to see Marilyn on April 9th for a week.  The three of us had planned a week at an oceanside resort to belatedly celebrate Marilyn's birthday. So - just a different venue. We would like to develop a Caring Circle for Marilyn for consistent long-term social support. If you live in the area and would like to be a part of this, please let us know. And pass the word.  My email is  Thank you.
Linda Thurston | Mar 30, 2018
This is a note to all Marilyn's friends and fans.
Last week I flew from Kansas to Burbank to spend time with our dear friend Marilyn at the Canyon Oaks Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. Marilyn laughed out loud when I first poked my head around the door to her room!  We spent about 8 hours a day together for 3 days.  I went to therapy with her, had good visits with Chris about her condition and her future.  Although she can't talk, she has her own special way of communicating - I could tell when she wanted me to introduce myself to her helpers at the Center, make the wheel chair go faster, and to shut up when I was talking to her therapist and she wanted his attention on her therapy tasks!  Other times, I couldn't tell what she was trying to communicate and she would get very frustrated.  Sometimes she was 100% Marilyn; other times, she just wasn't there.  Her condition:  she still has a feeding tube; she has no movement on her right side (her face is OK - and, wow, is she expressive!); she is learning to get into her wheel chair and to push it with one foot in a way that doesn't make it go around in circles; she seems to be able to read a bit but I think there may be some aphasia.  Chris said she has lost a lot of brain cells and they don't know if / when they'll regenerate (my layperson's language).  For example, I would introduce myself as a friend of Marilyn's of 40 years.  She looked at me like - no, it can't be 40 years! And we worked it out, with her nodding or shaking her head.  Yep, 40 years.  But she didn't seem to remember our traveling to China or Uganda.  I flew back to Kansas very sad and humbled. 
Lee Fowler | Feb 27, 2018
Dearest well wishers: 

I would like to say how deeply grateful I am to all of those locally, statewide and worldwide who have given their time, support, encouragement, generosity, thoughts and prayers to Marilyn Fowler. Mom needs every ounce of strength and hope we can share in order to win one of her toughest fights yet, but as all who know her know, she will continue to battle with all the toughness and guile she has drawn upon time and time again.

Thanks again to all,
Peace and Love,
Lee Jr.