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Welcome to my Caring Bridge website.  I am using this website to find a living kidney donor.  Please be sure to read all journal entries and to check out the “GALLERY” for my latest photos.  Please share my story with others you know.   IT COULD CHANGE  A LIFE💜

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Journal entry by Marianne Supino

Since Bill Rothwell was disqualified at the last minute, not wanting to watch me suffer any longer , my brother, Tom, decided to enter into the arduous evaluation process.  At the same time, a former Lynnfield resident and current owner of the Lynnfield Children's Center daycare, Tina Morris, “somehow” received my Facebook post and recognized our name from an earlier time when Michael gently and with compassion coached her son in elementary school baseball.   Tina decided she wanted to help; not telling anyone, including her immediate family of her plans until she passed all requirements.  Tina was approved in March 2019.   God's Divine Mercy showered upon me once again.    In Tina's words: ” I was at a  point in my life (turning 50) that I wanted to "pay it forward" since I feel very blessed with the support I have received in my life.  Once I saw the FB post about you, I immediately knew that was what I was supposed to do. Almost a year later, I am so grateful for the experience and would not change anything.”   Another concrete work of mercy.  Acts of faith and charity in action witnessed right before our eyes. Thank you to my husband Michael, Bill, Tom ,Tina and all those willing  to make a difference.    Let each of you look not to your own interests, but to the interests of others” Philippians 2:4  

Since Tina was not a complete match, she bravely agreed to donate her “spare” kidney in mid-July to a stranger, later to be identified as a pastor in Colorado.  Tina's courageous act boosted my position to the top of the living donor transplant list.  

My transplant coordinator informed us a match would not occur for at least 6 possibly 12 months; once again, another leap of faith....more trust. More prayers. Miraculously, I received a call within 3 weeks’ time, a match had been found and to prepare for August 28 surgery. ” However, don’t be too excited, as these things are complicated and frequently fall through”.  History somewhat repeating itself when I was instructed again to report to the hospital at 5:30 am, similar words of instruction from those received nearly 40 years ago. If asked, Can God intervene directly in your life? I answer, YES!   

  With the help of the dedicated medical staff, exceptional support of my husband and family, we held on to our belief that the new kidney, which had traveled, believe it or not, in a red Igloo cooler overnight on ice across the country from the West Coast, would “ wake up “and begin to function.    What else could we do....I was in the thick of things?

My kidney (AKA MIKEY) did wake up!   The transplant was a success.    Enduring several months of painful recovery, with the grace of God and Michael's unconditional help and dedication, I now live a healthy happy life with all the benefits of a working wonderful kidney and loving husband.    ALWAYS AND FOREVER GRATEFUL.   Truly blessed. I can honestly say that my life was and continues to be joyful and amazing.    

Thank you to my talented, committed, and compassionate medical specialists, including the tireless hospital workers.  Thank you to my extraordinary husband, Michael, for his unfailing help throughout this journey, for his newly acquired and ever-changing and demanding nursing skills, for his composure when calling 911, for his patience when  communicating throughout the surgery and recovery with over 90 concerned family members and friends,  and for believing in me. Thank you, Tina Morris, for your gift of life.  Thank you to the many compassionate “helpers” willing to assist throughout the years.    “One act done in charity is more precious in God's sight than all the visions (and revelations) and communications from heaven.”  (St. John of the Cross)  The Church gives us the signs we need, but Christ expects in response our faith, given freely and confidently, to hasten his return. “However, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the Earth?” (Luke 18:8).




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