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Welcome to our CaringBridge website. I decided to start a caringbridge page so I don't have to keep repeating myself over and over again to others who ask about my disease and health issues. I will just send them to my story. 

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Journal entry by Maria F

Back in 2010 I was diagnosed with Mild COPD. It didn't take long to become severe COPD.
I went in for a routine health check up and wanted answers to why my menstrual cycle has stopped. 
I have been having issues since I was 27 years old. No one could really give me any definite answers to anything. I stopped having menstrual cycles in 2004. I was 31 years old. Really too young to be going through menopause I thought. Well I found out that I was what they called pre-menopause. What does that even mean. With this change in my life also came, difficulty breathing, weird patchy numbness in my leg and the onset of weight gain. I have been having so much difficulty keeping the weight off. From 2004-2010 there were no definite answers to what is going on with me. In and out of Doctors offices, so many tests being run and no one could find anything. It even went to one doctor calling me a hypochondriac. Humiliated from several doctors when I was told much of it was due to obesity. One doctor even told me to stop eating. I walked out of his office in tears. No one was giving me answers. 
In 2010 I had such horrible pain in my chest and could hardly breathe. I went in to the hospital. This is when they had referred me to a Pulmonary specialist and I was told i have COPD.
I was put on all kinds of medications. Advair Diskus, Spiriva handheld powder inhaler, Albuterol inhaler and later put on an updraft inhaler with albuterol. 
My life became a struggle. I could no longer do the things I use to do with my children. I really enjoyed outdoor camping in tents, hiking, fishing and going out dancing with my oldest daughter. These things seemed to be taken away from me. As the more I tried the harder it would become. 
Humidity really seems to affect me even more. The summer months I feel like a prisoner in my own home. It is really lonely at times. 
During my illness my boyfriend whom I thought was my best friend, my soul mate left me. It was hard to cope with. An off and on 20 year relationship thrown away like i meant nothing to him. Making me feel even more alone. I am sure this is not helping my health at all.
I have been researching things about my health and really can't figure out how the Doctors had come up with my diagnosis. As COPD and Menopause are not remotely related at all. 
The numbness patch that started in my leg I was told was because my pants were too tight even though I showed up in very loose fitting scrubs from work. It sure did not make any sense to me.
It was a weird feeling. I described my feeling to the doctor and he didn't want to budge off his diagnosis of too tight of pants. This feeling was there when I was unclothed as well. 
The feeling felt like my skin was at first on fire in that spot then went to a sleeping numbness tingling feeling like you get when your hand or foot falls asleep. This feeling however didn't go away. I didn't injure myself on my thigh and this is where that feeling was in a small patch area in just the one leg. It didn't make sense to me. Wouldn't both legs have the same feeling if my pants were too tight.
This feeling has never gone away. The pain in my chest was a constant pain as well. Not something that came and went, but something that was just there. I didn't find that in COPD symptoms either.
I figured everything had to be related to what was going on. 
It is frustrating when a Doctor tells you one thing and you know your body.
I had jumped from Doctor to Doctor until I found one I liked. Just as I find a doctor who I felt would listen to me, she transfers out. Even though she called me a medical mystery. As she knew my frustrations, understood what I was going through. She confirmed my early menopause. However the COPD she shook her head at the diagnosis. She is not sure why they diagnosed me with COPD as at the time my lung X-rays were not showing that.

Read on to see what is coming next. Besides more Frustration
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