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Site created on June 17, 2020

Hi all! To communicate with all of you more easily, we created this site to share what’s going on with our dear Margo. Please see the journal entries, posted either by me or my mom, as we get more information. Thank you for praying and lifting our girl up! She’s young, strong, and resilient. We are so thankful to be surrounded by so many prayer warriors! 
- Catherine Wicker (Margo’s sister)

Newest Update

Journal entry by Mike Naranjo

Good evening!!!
Well, today did not start out according to plan!  I took some NyQuil last night in the hope of killing any virus that may have been inside of me.  NyQuil is the foulest-tasting medicine that has ever been invented.  That is how you know it works!!  I did sleep through the night 11 PM-5 AM without waking up, so that was great!  However, I was not feeling any better, and out of concern for LO! and Margo Naranjo, I went to the urgent care and got tested for strep and covid.  Good to know that both tests were negative.  So that is great news.  I was supposed to go to Seattle today, but I am postponing that trip until I feel better.  The doctor wrote a prescription for some antibiotics (I wonder for they will cancel out the probiotics that I take) and some steroids (I will be bulking up this week).  
Hopefully another good night's sleep I will be back to normal tomorrow and operating at 100%!  I appreciate all the concern and the good wishes from all of you.  Margs had another good night of sleep as there may be something to getting her into a routine.  She was able to stay awake as she was totally engaged in the Yankees sweeping the Red Sox with another come from behind victory.  I wish the Red Sox well, as we have a solid Boston contingency in this group and I do not want to alienate them.  
Thanks for following along last night as I socially distanced myself from Margs.  Tonight we have a very healthy John Jackson leading the prayer at 8:55 PM CDT on my Facebook page.  I am still keeping myself away from Marge and LO! for one more day.  God Bless You!!! 
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