Honor Margaret

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“Keep on smiling”

“You can do this, Margaret! We heard your mother chatting with the face painter in Lancaster. In Hebrew we say 'refuah sh?lemah' - to a full recovery!”

— The Tobin Family - Bethesda, MD

“In honor of Margaret Romph. We hope that your recent two weeks of therapy up at KKI were a help to you.”

— Mark, Susan, Hadley, Willa & Hugo

“Prayers coming your way, Margaret.”

— Sallie Jacobs

“In honor of Margaret Romph. We met Margaret at John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore and were touched by the courage of such a young beautiful girl.”

— Sid and Sarah Saab

“In honor of Margaret Romph”

— Cindy Wood Bowen and sons

“In honor of Margaret Romph”

— The extended Thompson Family, VA

“In Tribute of Margaret Romph”

— Kay Hamilton

“In honor of Margaret Romph”

— The Brunkhorst Family

“In honor of Margaret Romph”

— Carrie A. Yates