Journal entry by Margaret Bolling

Several have asked so thought an update is in order.  We remain off Chemo and go monthly for blood work and infusions to increase red blood count.  The nausea continues and is NOT good.  Unexplainable tiredness is a daily battle.  Now, experiencing severe abdominal discomfort so seeing specialist again tomorrow.

Remain grateful for all the prayers and support.  Please continue.
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Journal entry by Margaret Bolling

It has been awhile since the last post.  We are now faced with another "side road" and would appreciate prayers.  There are now some bowel related issues as a result of the original radiation to the sacrum area.  We are seeing a Specialist and have several followup appointments scheduled through August.

We are so thankful for His guiding hand along the way on this journey.  

Journal entry by Margaret Bolling

It has been awhile since last updated.  The cancer is "behaving" well.  Continue to go in monthly for lab works and infusion for bone strengthening.  Continue to battle nausea and back pain on daily basis but am able to manage these without heavy drugs.

We are grateful and Blessed as we celebrate one year since diagnosis.  Thank you for standing with us and praying for us during this Journey

Journal entry by Margaret Bolling

Returned to Gastro doctor today and the biopsies from Endoscopy were all negative!  So we are pretty sure the continual nausea is from the medicines.  No need to follow up with Gastro doctor at this time.

Pray for relief from nausea and pain from the back fractures.  But, overall doing ok.

Thank you.

Journal entry by Margaret Bolling

Endoscopy performed this morning.  No sign of ulcer, so great news.  They did find Gastritis so we have a new prescription that coats the lining of the stomach and hopefully will have positive impact on nausea.  Will continue to take until follow up visit in two weeks.

Thanks for continued prayer support!  We are Blessed!

Journal entry by Margaret Bolling

We saw the back surgeon this morning regarding the "new" fracture on the left sacrum area.  He explained the high risks involved since the fracture is in the same area where he put the cement last time.  After consulting  with him we decided to try and manage the pain for now.  He said that normally it would heal on its own in 6-8 weeks but with Margaret's history and present condition it could take 3-6 Months, if at all.  So, if she is unable to continue on conservative treatment, we can always try the cement procedure and hope for the best.

Prayers that the conservative treatment will allow for a quality of life and that healing will occur on its own.  We know the Great Physician can do this.  His Will be done.

Thanks for all the continued prayers.

In Him!

Journal entry by Margaret Bolling

Prayers are being requested.  Things were going better for a few days related to nausea and pain.  But, last Sunday the back pain returned and continues to get worse.  We went to Spine Team on Tuesday and they have scheduled another MRI for next Monday.  Then, on Wednesday we see the doctor for results.. She has started pain medication again.

Thank you.

Journal entry by Margaret Bolling

As we end 2018, we reflect upon His goodness:

- We are thankful for a fall that caused Margaret to go to doctors and check her for possible injury.  We believe nothing happens by coincidence.  Had she not fallen we would not have discovered the Plasmacytoma in the area of the fracture from the fall.  This discovery allowed us to begin radiation and Chemo treatment, early, and get the cancer under control for now!

- We are thankful for all the doctors, nurses, hospitals and caregivers that have provided such good care during the past eight months!

- We are thankful for everyone that has prayed for us and stand in the gap with us!

- We are thankful for our family that has loved and cared for us!

- We are thankful for our great neighbors that have brought food and care for and about us.

- We are thankful for all that have ministered to us by bringing food, visits, cards, prayers, etc.  You have been Jesus to us.

After doctor visit today, this is current status:
 - Blood work still looking good as related to cancer.
-  Continue on a month to month visit to Oncologist for blood work and other test and to receive infusion for strengthening of bones.
-  New prescription to help control the nausea.  Nausea continues to be the major problem.  After many tests it appears the nausea may be a result of stress, so doctor prescribing meds for stress/nausea in hopes this will work.  Please pray for a good result.

Margaret is a fighter!  The Lord healed her in 1999 from a malignant brain tumor and we know He can heal her from the Multiple Myeloma.  So, we will choose to Praise Him for ALL He has done, is doing and will do as we enter 2019!

We give Him Praise!

Journal entry by Margaret Bolling

It has been 18 years since the Lord healed me from a malignant brain tumor.  And today, I begin a new journey and battle with the same enemy, Cancer.  After several tests, and more to come, I have been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma.  There is evidence of a large Plasmacytoma in the sacrum area and with additional lesions on the spine.  I am currently experiencing great pain in the back and down the right leg (hamstring). Radiation begins today, June 7, 2018, and I will have a total of 10 treatments.  There will be one per day for 10 days (not on weekends), so this will be completed on June 20th.  Then, answers from all the tests will determine additional treatment needed.

Please pray for relief of the pain.  Our prayer warriors have been notified and are "standing in the gap" with us.  We know the power of prayer and ask that the Lord's Will be done!   
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