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May 14, 2021

Good morning!! I haven't updated in awhile, so I thought I should. 

Things have continued to go smoothly for Makenna.  She was able to finally get away for a long weekend last week  with friends to Florida and had a complete blast! (Pictures added).  Today she left to spend some time with friends in Illinois. She's feeling great and clearly making up on lost time... 😂

She will begin her summer college classes on Monday, so that will be a great change of pace for her!

Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers. I will try to do better with her updates. As they say...  'No news is usually good news!'  In Makenna's case,  this has remained true! 🙏🙏🙏

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April 30, 2021


We spent the day at Mayo on Wednesday being told THE BEST NEWS"!!! Makenna's  Hematologist told us that her results could not have been better than they could have hoped for.  His words "it's perfect!'

This Momma could not have been more relieved!!!!!!!!!!

Makenna and I spent the day today celebrating! She started out with a massage,  then I met her for lunch at Applebee's for lunch.  We got manicures and pedicures at Tips and Toes, then we met the boys (who had spent a great day together golfing) at Wildwood.... where we got a great surprise by seeing more family! It was a great day!!!!!

Makenna has more celebratory plans for the rest of the weekend that her wonderful friends have planned for her. We are so grateful for her unbelievable friends! We so love you all!!!! ❤

We cannot express enough how much your support, prayers, and love have meant through all of this.  We are brought to tears every time our minds go back to the beginning of this to now.  You all have been amazing friends and an even more amazing support system. We just cannot express our gratitude enough! Thank you all so much! ❤

Next up... Makenna will now start reducing her anti rejection drugs. Pray that her body will accept Shaynee's stem cells without incident.  The fact that there has been no negative results as of now is a great litmus test, but that is not a guaranteed outcome. Pray that it is the guaranteed outcome. 🙏

God has answered so many prayers for us so far,  and we are overwhelmed with His grace.  I have no intention of limiting His continued grace on our girl.  I have no doubt that He has bigger plans for Makenna than we could have ever dreamed of.  I'm so grateful that He chose us for whatever He has planned...

My faith is far greater now than it was before this all happened . What I've learned the most through all of this and have said it out loud is that....     God speaks loudly when he has your attention ...  Let's learn to listen. 🙌


April 18, 2021

Good Sunday morning!!

We received some great news this week.!!  Since Makenna has done so well since the transplant,  they want to move forward and do all of her 100 day testing this Wednesday instead of waiting until May. She will have another bone marrow biopsy,  check her heart, all of her blood work, etc.

Please pray that they find all of Shaynee's cells still working correctly and that no new cancer cells are found from her biopsy.  There is a 30% chance that her Leukemia could return, so she will be taking an oral chemotherapy drug for at least a year to reduce that percentage to about 10-15%.  If we can get to the 5 year post transplant anniversary with no issues, they will consider her in full remission.  🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Have a great week everyone.  Keep our girl in your thoughts.  Thank you!! ❤


April 9, 2021

Hello all! It's been a few weeks since I updated Makenna's progress...

Once again,  no news is good news! She continues to feel great and her doctors' favorite adjective describing her continues to be 'boring! BORING IS GOOD! 

We're almost at our 100 days.  It was reiterated this week that this milestone is not the end of this journey.  Makenna will have to continue occasional doctors visits and bone marrow biopsies etc. But,  resuming her life (college, working, etc) is encouraged.  Her appointments at the clinic will just be a part of her 'new normal.

Please continue to pray for our girl as we all move forward.  We appreciate all of the well wishes!!


March 28, 2021

Miss M is continuing to feel well!  She even started back to work at Brewskie's making pizzas!  She was very tired at the end of the day,  but it's still nice for her to be able to have some normalcy in her life!

We have one more month before we reach 100 days post transplant! We're so grateful that God has allowed her immunity to flourish with Shaynee's donor cells with no resistance from her own body.  That has been a very scary worry, but, God has been so good to us!

It's seems like a lifetime since we got Makenna's diagnosis,  but in reality she had her 6 mo. diagnosis anniversary on the 26th.  Not a day has gone by that we haven't felt so blessed by your friendships,  prayers,  and well wishes for Makenna. We are forever grateful to all of you! 🙏🙏🙏


March 21, 2021

Happy Sunday!

Thankfully,  I once again have only good news to share.  Makenna's doctors are only needing her to come in once a week now! Such great news!

This weekend she has spent with her roommates in their apartment in Mankato. She has loved the feeling of normalcy and being at the apartment with her friends.  She was only there for one month before her diagnosis. 

Every week with no setbacks is priceless! All of our prayers continue to be answered in very big ways! We're so grateful! Thank you! 🙏


March 14, 2021

Another great week in the books! Makenna met her 50 day post transplant last Wednesday! Less than 50 more until her big milestone of 100 days! No side effects to date,  THANK GOD!!

She accompanied one of her BFF's to a family wedding this weekend. She had a fantastic time. It was the first time she's worn her wig.  She looked fabulous!! (Picture added).

Please continue your steadfast prayers for our girl.  God is hearing all of us and answering in a huge way! 🙏


March 7, 2021

I'm happy to update that Makenna had another great week! Her donor doctor was VERY pleased with how she is progressing! We ended this week with a sleep over with our granddaughters and Makenna also got to spend some much deserved time with some wonderful high-school friends. 

Another sincere 'Thank You' for all of the continued prayers and support fur our girl!!!!