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Journal entry by Lindsay Morillo

The last two times we have gone to clinic, we have met new friends. In early October we got the pleasure of meeting a Russian family who recently moved to the States. Their daughter is about 5 or so years old and was looking anemic and frail. It was heartbreaking to see her so tired and watch her very pregnant mother comfort her. The mother, not knowing much English at all was trying to hold her emotions together as she spoke with us about the difficult events leading up to her daughter's diagnosis. Her husband mainly spoke with Sandro and I, through tear-filled eyes and we shared about Maica's story and how we were able to survive the initial shock of her diagnosis.

That's the reality... when you get a diagnosis as serious as this, as parents you go into survival mode. There are many questions of "HOW" and "WHY" that go through your head...

1.5 weeks later, we met a 16 month old precious little girl and her refreshingly real mom. She kept it real, didn't try to fake a smile about the circumstance. I appreciated that, because it's so hard and it's natural to feel like you have to put on a smile so people don't try to pity you or ask lots of questions. She and I were able to talk about the difficulties and know that each other GOT IT 100%. Her daughter has high-risk ALL and I am sad even writing that statement because that means that she will probably end up needing a transplant during her treatment. Things could still very much so go well for her, but her chances of having an easy road aren't there and I wish I could take the pain away that she's feeling now and the potential pain she will come to know. 

I pray we continue to meet more families. These are now two families that know we are people that can relate to what they are going through (and them for us). They are also two families that we will now pray for on a regular basis. I have no clue what their religious beliefs are, but I do know God loves them and cares for every detail of their lives. He is a good Father and a God who loves miracles and to heal. I am praying miracles around these families as they fight for their little loves.

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