Honor Maggie Lee

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32 Tribute Donations

“In memory of Maggie Lee Henson on ML4G Day. God bless your family.”

— Anonymous

“In memory of Maggie Lee Henson”

— Anonymous

“In honor of Maggie Lee Henson on Maggie Lee For Good Day on October 29, 2011!”

— Jimmie & Linda Sanders from Westbury Baptist

“In honor of Maggie Lee Henson-we love and miss you.”

— Anonymous

— Crawford and Gay Williams

“In memory of Maggie Lee and tribute to her family. Dr. Don & Susie Holton”

— Susie P. Holton

“In memory of Maggie Lee Henson.”

— Anita D. Moore

“To God's Glory and Maggie Lee's honor on MLFG day!”

— Anonymous

“In honor of Maggie Lee Henson for MLFG Day.”

— Mrs. Jana B. Glosson

“In memory of Maggie Lee.”

— Cynthia Labude