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Site created on April 11, 2018

I’m in my third year of Stage IV cancer.  I am mostly writing this journal for my own health, but also, I want others to understand that discussing cancer is nothing to be ashamed of.  Cancer patients go through some rough experiences, but they feel the most intense joy.  Much more than they’ve ever felt before.  Talking about cancer is talking about life.  

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Journal entry by Maggie Joyce

The details of my life before the big C are starting to fade.  I know I was a Flight Attendant.  I remember that I was very busy all the time.  I remember some specifics, but I don’t feel the emotional weight that always being on the go was like.  I just know that I loved being busy, and when I needed rest, I would lay in bed and fall asleep watching TV.  Now my routine is much more relaxed.  I can’t really do too much but watch TV and fall asleep.

If you don’t know what the big D is, I’m not going to tell you.  Its hard for me to discuss, but its a side-effect of the trial chemo I have been given.  It starts with stomach cramps and from then on I live in the bathroom.  Its been over a week since my last chemo treatment, and the big D still visits.  It’s my second least favorite side effect.  But, against ALL odds, I still have my hair!  Okay, that’s more than enough info for now.
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