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Site created on October 27, 2017

Welcome to #madlove4mad CaringBridge website. We are using this avenue to keep family and friends updated on Madelyn's progress as she battles her Cancer 2.0 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma relapse diagnosis given on March 29th, 2019. Remission 12/3/2019

Cancer 1.0- Hodgkins Lymphoma diagnosis given on October 23rd, 2017. REmission 12/11/2017

"The scenery on your path will be different than you imagined, but not any less beautiful."

"Sometimes the things we can't change end up changing us".

Newest Update

Journal entry by Jen Wilson

It has been awhile...  This journal entry seems so incredible minuscule in relationship to what is going on in our world. I am happy to report Madelyn continues to be the healthiest she has been in years.

Madelyn had her next set of 3 month scans at the end of June.  All clear! She also did her annual PFT and echocardiogram to check on damage to lungs and heart.  There were improvements for both. This was great news. Her next scans will be end of October.  Then hopefully we move to every 6 months or as needed.

Madelyn reclassified as a senior this year.  She will start her senior year (online) next Monday.  Unfortunately I don't think there will be a Fall sports season due to COVID, but we are still holding out hope club season is not cancelled. She is so incredible passionate about volleyball. We still live day by day and will figure it out as we go. Don't underestimate her for a second.  She is a beast and NEVER gives up regardless of what obstacle is placed in her way.She is working out daily and is spending a ton of time working at her volleyball club.  Can't believe she will be 18 next month!! Jesus where does the time go!!!!

For the first time in years, we are feeling some sort of normalcy.  Even with the isolation from COVID, we feel a freedom like no other. You have to remember, we have been living the isolation,mask-wearing life for 3 years. Funny story, we kept Mad at home and locked down for about 3 months (Mar-Jun). Not worth the risk. While she is as close to recovery as possible, her contracting COVID would look very different than y'all.  Once we finally let her go out in public, masked up, she was in complete awe.  She said it was the coolest experience for her.  Everyone was wearing a mask! They were no longer staring at her like she had 3 eyeballs because she was wearing a mask! It made me heart super happy for her to feel for a second, a sense of normal!!!

I am wishing you all well.  Please stay safe, wear a mask and wash your hands!  This too shall pass!

Love to you all!


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