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Journal entry by Ann Wilson

Moms uber (aka me) picked her up at 7:30 this morning for her 8:00 lab appt at COH.  I entertained/tortured her with an episode of ‘Ryan’s roses’ on the way there.  For anyone who knows what I’m talking about this episode was a train wreck like all the others.  The caller thought her husband of 6 mo was getting too friendly with her sister Stephanie.  She’d come home after work to find them sharing a bottle of wine and was started to wonder about the texts they were exchanging.  When hubby was gifted a ‘free’ dozen red roses to send to someone he chose.... Stephanie 🤦🏻‍♀️.  He had his reasons but mom didn’t get to hear them since at that moment we arrived at her destination.  Awful. I know.  
Her results, on the other hand, were magnificent.  She doesn’t need to go back for three months and they’ll schedule another scan in six.  I still marvel at what life was like in December and what it’s like now.  I have such an appreciation for us all being home and getting to spend the night in our own beds.  Skip the next part if you’re not interested in the nitty gritty details.  
Platelets are 76000 (down from 86000) which is pretty stable.  They’ll keep an eye on them. White count is 2.8.  Last time it was 2.9. The drop is most likely due to that second chemo med so they’re not concerned. Nutrafil is essentially the same... 1700 from 1800.  Her IGG level is also good.  It’s 505 and so long as it stays above 400 things are headed in the right direction.  
At the next appt they’ll consider changing the dosage of the second chemo med. which means instead of three weeks on and one week off they could make it two and two.  When they asked if we had any questions I inquired about a prescription refill.  Mom had her own agenda.  She went to her hairstylist awhile back (its since closed) and Armic suggested she take biotin to help with the dryness and thinning.  Mom also wondered about her cranberry pill supplement.  Both were given the green light.  We may get older but vanity never leaves us. 
Hope everyone is as well as can be in these ‘unprecedented times’.  
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