Honor MacKenzie

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Gifted by Kim Scotti

“In honor of MacKenzie Stuck”

Gifted by Tim Minnicks

“In honor of MacKenzie Stuck, from Tim, Candace & Ty Minnicks”

Gifted by Mrs. Adrienne L. Benner

“In honor of MacKenzie Stuck, Dick and Adrienne Benner”

Gifted by Ms. Vickie M. Dippel

“In honor of MacKenzie Stuck - God's precious little girl.”
John Leannarda

Gifted by John Leannarda

“In honor of MacKenzie Stuck, our amazingly strong, gorgeous inside n out, kind and funny friend.”
Kristen Van Fleet

Gifted by Kristen Van Fleet

“In honor of MacKenzie Stuck, the bravest young woman I have ever met. I am so blessed to know you... This isn't much, but I hope it helps. -Bob”

Gifted by Laura Kelly

“In honor of MacKenzie Stuck , one brave young lady who's an inspiration to all!”

Gifted by Erica D. Zamensky

“We want you to get to DisneyWorld, MacKenzie! Hugs and hope from your Mt. Airy Neighbors.”

Gifted by anonymous

Gifted by David A. Stewart

“In honor of MacKenzie Stuck”