We love you Butch. You are our very favorite singing saw affictionado. We miss not hearing you and your saw perform. Whenever I fiddle Ashoken Farewell without you, it just doesn't sound right. Where is that old saw player? This is THEIR SONG.
Sandy Stedinger | Apr 3, 2020
Peace be with you.
Howard and Jackie Gurvitz | Feb 19, 2020
All my love.
J Paul Hawthorne | Feb 7, 2020
Sending positive thoughts, vibes and prayers your way!
Take good care of each other, Tina McKillip | Jan 22, 2020
You both are in our thoughts and prayers.
Bob and Carol Ferrone | Jan 12, 2020
For Butch and Jean. Prayers aren’t nearly enough but you have those. And lots of long distance hugs. Glad Palliative Care is available.
With Much Love - DIane J. | Dec 22, 2019
I am appreciating the updates!
Your CGS fellow member, Colleen Sanders | Dec 20, 2019
I so appreciate your effort to keep us all up to date with your journey that I wanted to support this site. Sending my best to both of you.
Margaret F Read | Dec 6, 2019