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Jeff Teeter | Jul 3, 2020
Hang in there, you two. Good to hear of progress.
BRuce & Lois | Jun 17, 2020
We wish the best for you, the caregiver, and Butch, the patient at this time. Try to take care of your needs equally as you take care of him. I have been a caregiver for three months after a serious head, skull, and thigh surgery for my husband.
LInda R | May 25, 2020
Hoping for a speedy recovery and a new chapter in Butch's life.
J Paul Hawthorne | May 23, 2020
Jean take good care of your family
Lucy Leake | May 19, 2020
Sending positive vibes, prayers, and strength to you.
Robin Faigin | May 5, 2020
Butch and Jean, thinking of you. I have good memories from Topanga and other Songmakers events. Take care.
Alan M Hoff | Apr 13, 2020
We love you Butch. You are our very favorite singing saw affictionado. We miss not hearing you and your saw perform. Whenever I fiddle Ashoken Farewell without you, it just doesn't sound right. Where is that old saw player? This is THEIR SONG.
Sandy Stedinger | Apr 3, 2020
Peace be with you.
Howard and Jackie Gurvitz | Feb 19, 2020
All my love.
J Paul Hawthorne | Feb 7, 2020