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I should have updated this on the 23rd, after Butch's surgery, but have been very involved getting his man cave ready to occupy and maneuver in his wheelchair. It's just about done.

The surgery was scheduled for 11:30am but didn't start until 3:30pm. We had him at the hospital at 6:00am, meaning up at 4 for him to get ready (it takes a bit of time). After checking him in and settled, waiting for surgery, I went back to the car to go get breakfast and go get a tire for the car replaced (a task we hadn't taken time to do earlier). Then, back to the hospital parking lot to wait.

Butch had his phone so we stayed in contact while I waited. And waited. And waited. I went into the hospital to get my lunch, went back to the car by noon, but Butch still hadn't gone to surgery. So I cleaned out the car. And waited. And waited. It seems there had been some problems with the earlier surgery. (Hoping that this wasn't a precedent for Butch's procedure.)

Why didn't I wait with him? Because the VA chairs for visitors are notoriously uncomfortable and we kept expecting him to be taken to the OR at any moment and he was doing a lot of napping, plus I had no desire to be that intimately close to patients who might be infected with CoVid19.

Finally, after numerous texts and voice communication between us, he let me know they were coming to get him (for surgery, that is). It was just after 3pm.

When I finally got a call that the surgery went well, nothing unexpected, and he was successfully recovering, it was a little after 6pm. I was invited to come see him. I know, it had been 12 hours during which I had napped; sent emails; slept some; had lunch and, later, a snack; got a few ZZZs; read Facebook posts; dozed off for a bit; set up the schedule for the renovation of his room; closed my eyes for some sleep... All I wanted was to go home and go to bed (don't ask why I was tired, but waiting is hard work!). I did talk to Butch for a few minutes and he sounded fine but was also OK with me leaving. I left.

He and I talked the next morning (no visitors allowed due to the pandemic) and I started work on the room (more on that later, probably). Over the next few days, room prep and throwing out numerous items, setting others up for donations, and boxing up things to pass on to other people occupied most of my time. But, yes, I did rest in between things.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (er, hospital), Butch was getting some physical therapy, learned how to maneuver with just one leg, communicated with me, and worked on recovery. His doctor visited him a couple of times, pleased with his progress. It was determined that he shouldn't go to a rehab center but, if I was agreeable (as primary caregiver), he should do his recovery at home. Anything to avoid the virus, so I was great with the idea.

One more day today of finishing the room and testing the wheelchair accessibility (there are worse ways to spend my birthday) and I'll be ready to welcome him home tomorrow. I'll follow up sometime afterwards.

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