Diane Jarrett|Feb 9, 2020
Hug those friends and neighbors for who are helping you organize the new RV.
Needless to say you and Butch never leave my thoughts.
You are SO wise to nap when you get a chance I find I do that too while my Micharl is at one MD appt or another.
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Sandra Stedinger|Feb 8, 2020
I'd eat chocolate candy all day long and get the kick out of it, rather than waste my time on hard candies. Of course, chocolate cake, or cookies or pudding are OK too. You see, I'm a chocoholic.
We are wishing our best for your rapid recovery. Let us know if you run out of chocolate.
Sandy and Jon
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Sue Roe|Feb 7, 2020
I'm so glad the toe is healed and you got your motor home! You both continue in my prayers.
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Margaret Read|Feb 7, 2020
I hope you enjoy that new motor home to the fullest! Sending love and positive thoughts your way.
Margaret Read
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Deborah Fenn|Feb 7, 2020
You're both in my prayers! So happy his foot has finally healed...definitely a miracle and a blessing. A tender mercy. I love you Jean...don't forget self-care, go get that massage we talked about! <3
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Julie Jurkovich|Feb 7, 2020
Was wondering about you this morning. Glad to see an update & hear good news. And - I'd be amazed if you were not tired. Hang in there. Praying for you both.
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Christine Cormier|Feb 7, 2020
Wow, I just felt a slight feeling of where the two of you have just been. There is no way I know how you both feel but in your journaling you have taken us along and I am so grateful. I believe in miracles and possibilities, more prayers for many more miracles to follow.
Love to you both, Christine and Tom
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Marion Smith|Feb 7, 2020
Jean, I got the same lecture about chocolate from one of Laura's teaching nurses. The cocoa and milk act like real food in the body. Hard candy and glucose tablets are basically pure sugar and are absorbed more quickly.
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Becky Dennis|Feb 7, 2020
Jean, you both are in our hearts and prayers. Praying for comfort and healing, as well as rest. Sending our love. Bobby and Becky ♥️
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Susan C Pentico|Feb 6, 2020
Prayers coming for you both. Think of you daily. YUP I DO. hugs gently and take care of they self Jean. Sounds like Dr are doing well with Butch. Love Susi Pentico
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