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Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We are using it to keep family and friends updated in one place. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement...especially positive, funny, or uplifting experiences or memories of your relationship with Butch. These will help him feel connected to the many special people who have touched and passed through his life. He has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. In the coming days and weeks (and hopefully months and years, as it was caught early), we will have a better grasp on what he can and cannot do, his energy to continue with his music endeavors, and his strength to enjoy visits (in person or Skype/FaceTime or phone). His first appointment with the oncologist is this coming Friday, Nov 22, after which we will have a better grasp on his course of treatment... prayers are always welcome. Thank you for visiting.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Jean Hibben

With most things in place (not counting the majority of the house, but at least Butch's man cave), it was another day of waiting. You'd think I'd be a champ at that activity! Still causes anxiety and mind raping (you know: "what if x,y,z happens?"); I got Butch's text at 2:30 that he'd be ready to leave at 4, that they'd take him to the pharmacy to get his latest meds and supplies, and bring him to the front of the hospital. Now, I've picked him up from overnight stays at the VA hospital at least twice before and not a single time did we leave the building any less than 2 hours after the time he was told to be picked up. But this day was different... Family is discouraged from entering the hospital, if possible; volunteers, if any, are few and far between; so the only folks to bring him down are nurses. I called Butch as I pulled off the freeway and at 4:05 he was down waiting for me, with a nurse and another person (volunteer?) carrying armloads of supplies and a new walker. I hate this pandemic as much as anyone, but things (or people) that are expected at specific times are most often there (wherever "there" is) just as claimed (maybe so people have less chance of congregating while waiting). Whatever it is, I'm good with it!

After a stop at Sonic and Lowe's (where, again, my expected pick up occurred promptly), we got gas and milk. Butch was alert and we conversed about a lot of things, including plans for the upcoming weeks. Most will involve in-person or phone consultations with medical professionals. 

So the leg, below the knee, is gone. That horrible, non-stop pain in his toe is a faint memory. He has a new pain in the "stump," which I'm learning how to wrap. And the top of his head still needs attention 3x a day (they took good care of that in the hospital) and it is healing nicely.

But tho that battle is under some control finally, the war still rages. Besides the head lesion, his blood sugar is a constant up/down experience that, even in the hospital, they had a time trying to regulate. And his cancer needs to get attention again: they want to start radiation ASAP. His stomach ulcer continues to be under scrutiny but doesn't seem to be a major or even minor issue. His appetite is good and his pain level goes up and down with his body: standing is the worse, sitting is still painful, and lying down it's minimal. But lying down doesn't exercise his body, so there are a lot of pain changes. Of course he has medication for it, but he prefers to use it minimally. 

He's still not up to visitors, but I'm not exactly beating them off with a stick since CoVid19 regulations and recommendations discourage gatherings.

So things are going smoothly and we have more to be thankful for than I can start to list.

His cell phone is 951-322-5977 and the house phone is 951-780-1799. But he sleeps a lot. Email is

Again, thanks for prayers and healing thoughts. And to those who took my birthday donation consideration to heart and donated to pancreatic cancer research, the goal of $200 netted 5x that amount; we were able to increase the funds for the battle against this disease by $1000! I'm overwhelmed. Bless you.
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