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April 3, 2020

Hello and Happy Friday, 

Wanted to let you know that Dad went for a follow up visit with a doctor today.  It was a little different since we could not go in with him but thankful that the doctor called to answer any questions we had.  Thank you to Cindy Schuenke for letting Dad borrow her phone as he left his at home.  

Dad is going to continue on two different antibiotics for the next 7 days.  The doctored ordered an ultrasound for next week that will look at not only his gall bladder but his stomach and kidneys.  He said that they are still "best guessing" as to if the gall bladder was the problem.  They did perform labs to check his liver and kidney functions but we don't have those results yet.  After the ultrasound, he will follow up with a "phone" visit in 2 weeks.  

He is weak but getting stronger each day.  He is to be on a low-fat diet and also needs to focus on bland foods for now.  He's not a spicy guy so this may not be such a big shift :)  The doctor told him that it may take up to 6 weeks before he is feeling "back to normal."  My plan is to head back to Fargo tomorrow depending on the weather but Mom and Dad should be stocked up for a while with groceries and other things.  

As I look back to how our lives have significantly changed in the last couple of months, not just for our family but everyone.  I feel it can be compared to a tsunami.  One moment you are enjoying and living your life but then you look up and realize this big wave is coming directly toward you and you are helpless to do much about it.  Our normal has changed and we are learning and adjusting.  In light of all of this, we need to choose something, so I am choosing faith!  Please stay healthy and safe and blessings to you and your family

Choose FAITH over doubt,
Choose FAITH over fear,
Choose FAITH over the unknown and the unseen,
Choose FAITH over pessimism

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  • Jim Crowl : Kathy - Great words of comfort for us ALL. Keep the Faith! Safe travels, Jim and Donna
  • Lyle Olson : Thanks for the prayers and concerns. Thanks to our friends and relatives. Thanks to the medical personnel that cared fo me in t he last week.
  • Amy Reuvers : Kathy, We will continue to lift your dad and family up in prayer. Amy (Piper)
  • Stephany Thurnau : So very happy to hear this news. You have done a awesome job letting us all know how he is doing Will continue prayers for his healing!!
  • Louise Flom : Kathy, you did such a great job of keeping everyone up to date on your dad. It was appreciated because there are always so many rumors going around. You have had tough year. Hope things settle down for you!
  • Mark Person : Choose TRUTH over power also. It seems that we are living in the Twilight Zone.
  • Janel Yasgar : Praying for health, healing and strength for everyone. I know and understand the Tsunami feeling and know that prayer and faith will definitely see you thru!! ❤
  • Ardys Johnson : Thx for the update!! Glad things are looking up!! Hope news continues to be good!!
  • Mary Osborne : Thank you for the update on your dad!! I'm happy to hear that he is getting the medical help he needs! Continued prayers for your dad's recovery!
  • Carol & Don Ellens : Thank you Kathy for another update. We continue to keep Lyle and all of you in our prayers..
  • Royal Ross : Great message and thank you for the update. A lot of people care about Lyle.