John Cheng|Aug 25, 2019
So true, we did not choose suffering, suffer chose me.

Next time don’t get me just hold him. Yes, Ly is so selfless.

I hate that y’all have to go through this and will always have to walk with a limp until the great reunion.

I love you guys so much

Love, John
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Lori Eubanks|Jun 2, 2018
This is absolutely beautiful, Dana. So thankful for your words. Thank you for sharing your dream, and Ly’s selfless response...what a good, good man you have.
We pray for your family often.
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Sara Gonzalez|Apr 5, 2018
This one made me cry for sure. There are ways that you both are reliving your grief that helps me relive and understand mine more in other areas. Bless you both. Bless you.
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