Honor Linda

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Gifted by Todd & Anne Westerhoff

“In honor of Linda Simon, thank you for sharing your journey with us! We admire your honesty and courage! Love, Todd & Anne Westerhoff”

Gifted by Kathryn Shebiel

“In Memory of Linda Simon”

Gifted by Betty Garland

“As a memorial to Linda Simon”

Gifted by Scott and Barb Brandsma

“In honor of Linda Simon”

Gifted by Debbie & Ted Wagner

“In honor of Linda Simon and her life well-lived. She lived life to the fullest and touched us all. We will never forget her.”

Gifted by Barbara Heminover

“In honor of Linda obit in Gazette, what an amazing journey! I've lost my Mom and husband to cancer and know the struggle.”
Mary Newton

Gifted by Mary Newton

“In honor of Linda Simon”

Gifted by Mary Ritter

“In honor of Linda Simon Linda, your spirit will live on in all of us with whom you shared your journey. We will miss you. Love, Mary Leigh”
Loretta Jay

Gifted by Loretta Jay

“In honor of Linda Simon. Thank you for your generosity, sharing your courageous journey with us. May your garden always flourish.”
Julie Monroe

Gifted by Julie Monroe

“In honor of Linda Simon, she's more fiesty than one would think!”