Journal entry by Kayla Thompson

Today we got the letter we were all waiting for; a letter from the recipient and his mom. A beautiful letter full of gratitude.
His name is James and he’s 32. He’s been experiencing critical health concerns last May, causing the need for a kidney donor. He is healthy! No signs of rejection and he is just recovering from soreness. The letter mentions a lot about God. My heart is excited that they too may understand that this is the handi work of God. Please continue to lift up Casey, Russ, James, and Russ’s donor in prayer. Thank you guys 
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Journal entry by Kayla Thompson

Hey Friends and family!

just checking in. Casey is continuing to do well here at home. We have been watching more tv than we we’ve watched in probably 2 years combined. We’ve been watching Ozarks. The jury is still out on whether or not Casey likes it but we are too far in (3 episodes) to give up now. 

We we took a few small car ride and walk through the dollar store. Fastest shopping trip ever but Casey is trying to walk more. At the store we just bought a lot of candy to try to ease some of the pain. After this week we will be switching to an anti inflammatory diet.  Ha! Yesterday he had to resume taking some of the harder pain meds so continued prayers for him to relieve some of the gas pains and for the fatigue to let up a little. Otherwise we are doing great! 

P.s thanks to all the friends and family dropping us off food. We are surely not starving! 
God is so God. This is only a story he could write. 

Journal entry by Kayla Thompson

Hey friends and family. 

We made it home last night!  We were excited to sleep in our own bed again but we have not quite achieved the rest we were hoping for. We were up every few hours for meds and helping Casey walk out some of the gas pains. He’s quite the trooper! He’s already showered and made made several walking trips around the house. Best of all, casey asked me to drive him him to OB this morning so that he could at least take communion. We got to thank god for everything he’s done for us this past week and even long before this. How great is my husbands love for the Lord. He sets a great example for me.  We weren’t able to stay long though because of the pain. we enjoyed a cup of coffee and got to say hi to some friends before returning home.
He’s completely knocked out now. I’m sure our field trip this morning was enough for one day😊.

our prayers are for continued rest, pain relief, keeping his incisions clear of infections and continued work towards breaking his nicotine habit (4 days clean now).
we also continue to pray for our friend Russ. We are praying boldly that his kidney begins to kickstart the way it’s suppose to and for patience and peace while in the waiting.
we also pray for the unknown receipt that they are doing well and enjoying a new life with greater opportunities.

❤️💕 with love.

Journal entry by Kayla Thompson

Sorry for the delay in updates last night was a rough one.  Casey’s bladder was having a heard time adjusting without the catheter at first and his bladder overfilled causing extreme pain. Again, the staff was very knowledgeable & knew exactly how to remedy it.  The pushed back discharge and then SURPRISE! We found out today that he actually does get to come home today! We are waiting for the paperwork but will soon be home bound. Prayers are just for a smooth transition home and for pain management as they transition him to less of the heavy stuff. Also, some good quality rest for the both of us!

This is has been great but there’s certainly no place like home.  We are so grateful for everyone’s support and encouragement. 

Journal entry by Kayla Thompson

Hey friends! Casey is doing good. We’re still having great care from the staff and Casey has stood for the first time with a little help. Our big focus is still getting the bowels to wake up and for pain relief. Casey is back to eating regular food so he’ll be back to eating pizza in no time.  

The highlight of our day is a visit from Russ.  Seeing them together makes this all worth it 100%

Journal entry by Kayla Thompson

Casey has joked that he weighs less now without of of his kidneys now. I love that even while on a hospital bed he still has good humor. 

We've ave enjoyed a good night with family & friends. Thanks Beth & Dave for the yummy dinner treat & the laughter. Good company makes something so difficult seem totally doable.  

My view from my cot is pretty sweet.

Journal entry by Kayla Thompson

finally after several hours we have finally gotten to a room! Here’s the details:
16481 room from express elevators. South plaza view garage is the most convenient garage. 

Please call or text prior to coming. Caseys in increased pain and needs to rest when possible. We are so grateful for everything and could not do this without you all. 

Journal entry by Kayla Thompson

We just met the surgeon who performed the surgery. She said they are about to wake him up and that the surgery went well.  We are so grateful and our hearts are full.   Please continue to pray that there are no adverse reactions to the anesthesia. We are so excited to see him in recovery here shortly.  In addition, please pray for a lady name Kathy we've been able to sit and share this experience with. She's here for her husband who is in a 6+ hour surgery. Please pray that we are looking for opportunities extrinsically to share Gods love, presence, and comfort through our circumstance. Prayers for boldness to give a prayer rock if God leads us to.  Casey will spend a while in recovery before being moved up to a room. We will let everyone know the room when available. 

Journal entry by Kayla Thompson

We just got a call, halfway through surgery stating that they are still working on extracting his kidney. They said vitals are stable. They said its taking slightly longer than anticipated but all is good. 
Huge shout out to Kathy & Evan for visiting us. Casey's parents and I are hanging in there pretty well. Just ready to see our Casey boy. 
Casey’s Story

Site created on October 8, 2018

“I’ve got an extra one”.

That response started this incredible journey.  Casey is ready to start the process of donating his kidney his morning.  What a great act of Love.   John 4:19 is our wedding verse and it still rings true here... we love because He first loved us. We are excited and expectant to see how God uses this for his perfect plan.  We will post updates as we have them.