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Journal entry by Lori Mack

We had a lovely Christmas Day. Unfortunately, little 3 year old Piper was not able to join us since she was under the weather. My immune system is low, so we couldn't take the chance of me catching a bug. I felt terrible not having her here. I hope she is young enough to not remember the Christmas she had to miss out. 😞 It did feel good to be together and have a more "normal" pre-pandemic-like celebration and family time.

The attached picture explains my frustration. The day after Christmas, I fell down and fractured my ankle. Because of the darn neuropathy in my feet,  I stood up and didn't feel the uneven floor below me. I stumbled, turned my ankle hard, and heard a "POP". I immediately knew I had bad sprain and likely a fracture. We iced it throughout the night and I went to the clinic for x-rays the next day. (There was no way I was going to St. Mary's ER if there was any way to avoid it.) Sure enough, I have a fracture in the talus ankle bone, so now I am in an air cast. 

To make matters worse, my cancer care team called and have cancelled my infusion for tomorrow! They said that the medication I was to get, Avastin, "severely interferes" with healing, so no Avastin until my fracture heals. 😭 I tried arguing with them because I think slowing the cancer growth is more important than my ankle healing! I can live with a bum ankle, for heavens sake! I lost that argument for now, but I'll try again in two weeks when I see my nurse practitioner. I am hoping that I can continue to receive the other 2 chemo medications - Doxil and Carboplatin or that they have another alternative for me.

Finally, the attached meme popped up on my feed yesterday from an author I follow. I decided to play along - just for fun. The song that was number 1 on your 18th birthday indicates how 2022 will play out for you. The number one song on October 14, 1980 was Another One Bites the Dust by Queen. AHHHHH! I know it is silliness, but I'm in enough of a funk that I laughed first and then I cried.  If you play along, I hope your song is more encouraging! Share your results in the comments.

Please continue to hold us in your prayers. The stress of this illness is beginning to overwhelm us and we need to stay clear-headed and persevere. I praying for stability, if not regression, of disease. There are new treatments all the time and we need to remain hopeful. 

We hope that your holidays were healthy and joyful and that you made memories with your families. I added a few of our Christmas pictures to the Gallery on this page. 

Love to you all,

Lori & Shawn


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