Cindy Wilke|Mar 24, 2018
Thanks for the update. So sorry for the news on Lois. I hope they find the source of her infection soon. I have been going through the letters Eula kept. One of them was from Lois shortly after she went to Honduras. It was very interesting.
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kate hamilton|Mar 23, 2018
We are thinking about her and have her in our prayers❤️
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Rachel Nutter|Mar 21, 2018
So sorry to hear this Mahin! Praying for you all!❤️
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Cherry Kubitza Wilson|Mar 21, 2018
Thank you for the update deary. I will be praying for your mom and you and the family. Love you so much! Tell your Momma I'm thinking of her. Hugs to you all.
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Theresa Rooks|Mar 21, 2018
I am thinking of you and Aunt Lois so much! I’m sending prayers of healing and strength. Plus lots of hugs!
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Aileen Dubbels|Mar 21, 2018
Thank you for keeping us informed. We’re praying too.
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Janice Workman|Mar 21, 2018
Well that sucks! Praying, loving, giving to you from South Texas. I know you've got amazing strength in there and tons of it coming at you from out here. Mahin and family - you guys too - love you!
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