Journal entry by Mahin Hamilton

Mom was transferred from the TCU location back to the hospital yesterday, after experiencing shortness of breath, really low blood pressure, and a few other symptoms. She’s in ICU now, and the diagnosis looks to be septic shock. She has  very low blood pressure, still struggling to breath, her white blood count is extremely high, and is having some organ failure. She’s a little out of it, but she’s trying to fight this thing. She’s even giving the staff a hard time, when she’s up for it.

The medical team has been excellent. They are still working to isolate her source of infection and the extent of damage done, but they have been very attentive.

We could use prayers, and when she is feeling a little better, I’m sure she would love phone calls or visits, etc. 

Thank you so much for continuing to support our family through this past month of ups and downs. It means so much to my mom to know that she’s loved and has people praying for her and thinking about her. 
Lois’s Story

Site created on March 21, 2018

On the morning of February 15, Lois fell in her tub and was unable to get up. She did not get help until the morning of the 17th, when a friend found her.

She was taken by ambulance to the ER in Sandstone, and was found to be severely dehydrated, hypothermic, with extremely high blood sugar, and multiple pressure wounds. She was also found to have a large gangrenous infection in her left leg. This may have been the original source of her deterioration in health, that led up to her fall.

She was transferred to the University of Minnesota Medical Center and had emergency surgery the same day. She stayed in ICU for a few days, then transferred to a regular floor. After.a week and a half in the hospital, she was transferred to a Transitional Care Unit, to begin Physical and Occupational therapies.