Honor Lloyd

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29 Tribute Donations

Gifted by Mary Ellen Fridrich

“What a beautiful sentiment and lovely pictures, as well. Thank God for His blessings bestowed!! New bundles of joy, too? WOW. LOVE to all, Mary Ellen Fridrich :)”
Richard & Ann Fridrich

Gifted by Richard & Ann Fridrich

“In honor of Lloyd Gordon.”
Linda J. (Rahrig) Burkhalter

Gifted by Linda J. (Rahrig) Burkhalter

“In honor of Lloyd Gordon. I wish I could be in Ohio to donate Blood for you Lloyd. You and your family continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. I really appreciate the updates on your progress. Love Linda”

Gifted by Ken and Lois Kodger

“In honor of Lloyd Gordon. We have read with daily interest the progress you have made and it appears that the love of family has pulled you through. God bless!”

“In honor of Lloyd Gordon.”

Gifted by Judy Quast

“In honor of Lloyd Gordon.”

Gifted by Tom and Rosemarie Sheffield

“In honor of Lloyd Gordon.”

Gifted by Dr. Maryann Jacko, DDS and Dr. Jonathan R. Siefker

“In honor of Lloyd Gordon.”
Bill and Becky Burkhardt

Gifted by Bill and Becky Burkhardt

“In honor of Lloyd Gordon - always with love and prayers.”
Jackie and Duane Johnson

Gifted by Jackie and Duane Johnson

“In honor of Lloyd Gordon.”