Journal entry by Lisa Pollard

Today marks 4 weeks since my last surgery!!   Had to go back to Dr today (a week since I was last there) to have another fluid buildup pulled out.  Dr Chetta said all my drains did their job now we just need to get my body to cooperate.  I told him I'm not sure why he would think that would happen based on everything we've been through since last August.  He chuckled and said he supposed I was right.  

But everything is healing well and I was able to get up from the couch yesterday without using my hands or arms and I got up from the exam table today without someone pulling me up so we are starting to see some progress.  I have to wear this tight abdominal binder wrap for two more weeks and add some compression to the chest to try to encourage my body to start absorbing that fluid.  

He also said he would write an order for a prosthesis if that interested me.  It does.  There is a place inside the Spielman Center called Hope's Boutique.  I've been in there before killing time between appointments.  They have cute clothes and jewelry and encouraging stuff but there is a place in the back that I didn't even realize was there where they have "experts" to help with fittings and stuff specifically for women who've had breast surgeries like mine.  I made an appointment to see them next week before I see Dr Chetta again.  Another step in the "moving on" process.

Not quite ready for PT again yet but I cannot get my left arm any higher than level with my shoulder going forward and not even that high out to the side.  I have a couple stretches I can do on my own in the meantime.  Probably get back to my pal Cari sometime in July.  I cannot do my part in the O-H-I-O pose right now so this is simply not acceptable.

We will leave for our annual Fourth of July trip to the beach house next Saturday thanks to airline tickets purchased before this most recent set of circumstances.  Bill definitely needs/deserves a vacation and there is little that ocean air can't heal.  If we can keep the fluid buildup away over the next week, Dr Chetta will release me to go back to work July 8th.  If I am not ready by then, I am not sure I ever will be.  

Ladies - - if you haven't had a mammogram in the last 12 months and you are reading this, I am not sure exactly what you could possibly be thinking.  Gentlemen, ask your ladies if they are current.  I'm ashamed to tell you that my 2017 mammogram was scheduled by my husband in the mobile bus at Grange.  That became the baseline to confirm that we had issues last August and accelerated my treatments.  #myhusbandlovesme  #GodisstillhangingaroundwithgrumpyLisa #blessed #getyourmammograms #survivor

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