Journal entry by Lisa Pollard

I saw Dr Chetta on Thursday for my first post op.   He told me that he and Dr Sisk talked on the phone 6 times during my last surgery and that I was just creating clots as fast as they could break them down.   He described what they do is harvest a good vein that becomes like the trunk of a tree that seemed to be working but once the blood would branch out into the tissue it was clotting and that isn’t good.   I got my wound vac removed from my tummy and one of the breast wound drains came out.   I still have one in the breast and one in each hip.   The one in my right hip is still collecting over 50 cc of fluid each day so it’s not ready to come out but I’m hoping I can get the other two out on Monday.    There is a weird tightness in my shoulder area that I will talk with them about on Monday as well.   I don’t know if it is more lymphatic cording or something that happened during my surgeries to that muscle that runs just below your collar bone.  I have much less mobility in that shoulder for sure than I did before.   Apparently everything else seems to be healing as expected.  
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