Journal entry by Lisa Pollard

So Tuesday’s surgery went seemingly well but was about 8 hours long. Got a rough start because I apparently never signed any consent forms and it was not discovered until after I was in La la land.  I was able to communicate with them but was too far gone to legally sign my own consent.   So they hunted Bill down at the coffee shop and then got started.  Some of this is from stories I’ve been told because the next three days are a blur.  I got out of recovery Tuesday well after dinner.  It was long but all seemed to go as planned.   They were checking the site every two hours for changes.  The next day I got cleared to eat lunch and so I did.   That became a problem about 3:00 because I developed a hemotoma behind the reconstruction and I had to go back to the OR on a full stomach for a two hour emergency surgery to clear clots that were forming.  Again this seemed to fix the problem and aside from me not being able to form a solid thought from all the anesthesia we went to bed Wednesday happy.  Everything was still fine Thursday during morning rounds but I was on no food or drink just in case.  Dr Chetta was leaving town but Dr Sisk was briefed and on call. By noon we were rushing off for another 4 hour emergency surgery with dangerously low hemoglobin counts (iron levels crashed) so I had to get two units of blood. to try to save the reconstructed tissue.  That was unsuccessful so we gave up and reversed everything we did on Tuesday.   So after three surgeries (two emergency status) 14 total hours in an operating room we are done.  We knew this could happen because we were dealing with radiated tissue but the odds were still good enough to give it a try.  We are now part of the 5% this doesn’t work for.  Now from here I just heal my tummy and the mastectomy site and move on.  I came home this morning with 4 drains and a wound vac.   Will see Dr Chetta on Thursday and we will see what happens from here but if it’s not life or death I’m done with the surgeries.   It just doesn’t matter that much.
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