Connie Lambeth|May 20, 2019
You are an inspiration to me and many people. God bless and surround you with His love and healing. Love you.
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Terry Marr|May 19, 2019
Praying for All of you. You and God have got this bump in the road.
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Wendy Lybarger|May 18, 2019
Hugs and prayers, patience, grace and healing...
God's got this and God's got you (all).
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Amy Howell-Ulery|May 18, 2019
Sending more prayers. I will send extra on Tuesday. You are almost home, you are one of the strongest ladies I know.
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Theresa Tree Weightman|May 18, 2019
Sending you love & prayers LIsa. I know this has been a rough battle, but you’ve already won, this is just “cleaning up the war zone”... please let us know if you need ANYTHING! And please let Bill & the girls know we are all sending them love & hugs too.. we worry so much about he patient, sometimes we forget how hard it is for the caregivers! Love you... stay strong & keep that finish line in sight!!!
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Sandra Medina|May 18, 2019
Lisa us prayer warriors are there with you.
All will be fine...
Sending hugs and definitely saying prayers for you and your whole support team.
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Carol Hill|May 18, 2019
I'm sorry to hear about the expander but you're going to be fine. Today I looked at your name on our prayer list at church and thought about taking it off, but I didn't. (Had not read your entry!) So the little church in Missouri will continue to lift your name to God. Love you, Lisa!
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