Journal entry by Lisa Pollard

So I had my follow up with radiation on May 1st.   That went well but I still had one spot that was not quite healing. Annoying but not concerning at this point. Then last week the wound just opened back up and exposed the expander under the skin.   I called Dr Chetta and sent him some pictures and he called me on a Saturday.  Bad sign.   He sent in a prescription for an antibiotic and told me to keep it covered and he would see me Thursday (his only day in clinic).  So I did and when I saw him Thursday he told us the risk of infection is too high as the expander has already been compromised by being open to the air so it has to come out ASAP.   No sign of infection yet. We talked about options and they all sucked.  What we have settled on is removing this expander (no option on this part) and using my own tummy tissue (fat) to make a new breast.  Because this is my own “stuff” my body should heal better around it and the radiation inflamation and sick skin will be happier because there are no foreign objects involved. It’s a five hour surgery and I will be in the hospital for five days.   This recovery, because it also involves my tummy will be tougher.   BUT if this works then I will be completely done after I heal from this.  No second surgery to swap an implant and no risk of implant failure in the future.    This should be it. I asked Dr Chetta what he would recommend if his mom was in my situation and he said this was the route to go.   I did ask him if he liked his mom just to be sure this was good advice.  He loves his mom.  😂.  So Friday I had all my pre op tests (blood work and EKG and abdomen CT) and my surgery will be Tuesday.  Those daggone drains will be back and I will be miserable but the light at the end of the tunnel is bright and I’ll just march toward it.  There is a lot of good news.    Cancer is gone.   This didn’t happen before I finished my radiation which would have halted everything.   It is not infected.    It can be fixed up soon and 6 weeks is just a blink in the course of life and I’m “young” and otherwise healthy.  God is still in our corner.  He kicked that cancer out and now He will bring healing to this last step.  Cancer took my boob but it won’t take my faith or my break my spirit.   I’m asking for prayer again.   Pray for Bill and the girls too cause this is gonna be a lot of work for them too.  And for my parents and brother who are worried sick.  #setbackbutstillwinning. #Godsgotus. #letsdothis. #lastsurgery. #drchettaisamommasboy
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