Journal entry by Lisa Pollard

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve updated this.  Last couple weeks of radiation were a little rough.   It’s a cumulative process that continues even beyond the actual treatments.  So actually things were the worst in the week after it was over.  I had some giant gel bandages to use that were the size of a sheet of paper.  I don’t think I could have done another day if I had to.  But God worked that out and finished on March 22 and rang that victory bell surrounded by my share sisters and my daughters.  Bill was out of town tending to some things in Arizona but made it back in time to join us all for lunch.  

My skin was so burnt and destroyed that I had to stop my PT and give up the stretches until today.  The result is that my lymphatic cords really tightened up and my range of motion is pretty rotten in my left arm again.   But I went back today and Cari says if I will do my part between appointments we can improve it.   She spent a lot of time today deeply massaging those cords to break them up.   Thankfully I’m pretty numb under there because she says this would hurt ALOT if I wasn’t.  God worked that out too I guess.  She watches my face to make sure I’m not lying when she asks if she’s hurting me.  Good news is that she took all my measurements and so far there is no signs of lymphedema. 

Started my daily tamoxifen pills April 7 and so far there seem to be no issues with that but I imagine it takes some time for that to build up.   My cancer was hormone fed and this drug is to block those hormones so that if anything else gets cooking it will starve to death.  My translation.  

I see all my doctors in May for follow ups starting with radiation oncologist next week.  I’ll see my PT friend next week too.   After all those check ups we might have an idea when my implant transfer can take place but I am expecting this fall so I think we will just keep stretching and healing this summer.  It’s a process and we are still moving through it.  But it’s pretty uneventful at this point.   Thank God for that.   #littlecneverhadachance.  #wronggirl. #healingtakestime. 
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