Journal entry by Lisa Pollard

For the most part this radiation is passing very quickly so far.   I go every day during the week now at 3:00.   I leave the office at about 2:30 and get checked in and changed into my robe by 2:45 and wait with a couple ladies who are becoming familiar friends for our turn in “the machine”.   I have the same medical team with me every day.   I can already tell you I will likely miss these people, my fellow fighters and this medical team, when this is over.   I get weekends off.  

I go in and lay on the little table and they line up their lasers with my tattoos and put this sticker thing over my scar, which stretches from my sternum to about the middle of my side.   The “sticker” is actually to direct more radiation into the site.  Then once all that is done they leave the room and the machine moves around me zapping the bad stuff.  The whole thing takes 15 or 20 minutes from start to finish.   Then once a week I see the radiation oncologist after my treatment and once a week I still go to PT to continue to battle the lymphatic cords that are still trying to steal my range of motion. The other days I go home and work another hour or so from home or lay down and take a nap depending on what needs to be done and how I feel.  

As for how how I feel.   I’m tired.  I have been going to bed between 7 and 9 every night.   Most nights last week I was in bed about 8.   Very tired.  And now I am starting to develop a spot under my arm that is burning a bit.   The seams on my shirts rub and irritate that too so I am spending today in a tank top under a blankie watching it snow.   All in all so far this has been nothing more than inconvenient.  

Thank you again to all who pray for us and send cards or notes.   They are life giving.  We are getting closer to the end of the treatment phases of this fight.   But as I’ve shared all along, I believe this battle is already won and we are just taking the journey.  

I’ve attached some pictures.  These are not from my actual treatment room but are very similar to what it’s like.   More later.   #buildingatestamony. #godsgotus.  #40percentdone
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