Journal entry by Lisa Pollard

We are underway!   It’s quiet and you can’t feel a thing when they give you the treatment.   But the actual treatment takes longer than my little test runs did and I could not think about anything except how much it hurt to keep my arm up like that.  I’m going to take some ibuprofen before I go tomorrow and see if that helps.  I’ll wait until later this week to describe what this is like when I can remember more details.  But today the sweet gals asked if I wanted a warm blanket which I have refused in the past because you are dressed from the waist down and I didn’t think I needed it but do you know what they did with that blanket?   They laid it over my arms and around my head!!!!   That kept my hands from getting cold and it was very nice.   Won’t pass on the blankie ever again.  Remember you are laying on this table with your arms up in the “H” or TSA scan position (for those non Buckeye fans).   Anyway, I’m a little pink but otherwise ready to rally.   I saved this shirt to wear today for the first time because it seemed very appropriate.  More later this week.   #godsgoingaheadofme. #helpmeignoremyarm. #theres24morewherethatcamefrom #Godsdirectingtheradiation
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