Thoughts & Well Wishes

Meg Petty | Jun 13, 2019
It’s been so long since I’ve seen you but have followed your progress!  Just know the fact that you’re not always as positive as you seem on this page is not a surprise, the fact that you can be positive at all-that is a gift!  I know our God is with you so I can wish nothing better for you!  Please know you are in my prayers every day!  You got this Lisa!!
Joan Lloyd | Nov 30, 2018
Hugs Lisa.  I think of you often, and am certain you’re going to kick cancer to the curb.  Hate to hear that it’s throwing you some curveballs right now, but I’m so glad you have your faith, your boyfriend/husband and your daughters by your side to help you along this journey.  ❤️
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Theresa Tree Weightman | Nov 29, 2018
Love you Lisa,  sending so many prayers your way!  You know you don’t always have to be strong, right?  Rest & give your body time to heal - I know you can handle the chemo & radiation flawlessly because you are  amazing!  Consider yourself hugged & loved...  you can do this! ❤️
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Connie Lambeth | Oct 2, 2018
God is the Great Physician who knows all, sees all, and heals all. I thank God you are my friend and ask Him to hold you in His hands during your surgery and healing. One thing two of my friends told me, who have experienced what you're going through, is to find something to laugh or smile about every day and write it down. Love you and God bless.
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