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Site created on March 15, 2018

 I am using this to keep my family and friends updated in one place.  I appreciate your support, prayers and words of hope and encouragement. Thank you for visiting but please never feel obligated to follow or follow-up.  I will be adding specific medical information as well, but that is mainly so I have one consolidated area to keep track of my procedures and progress.  Feel free to skip the boring parts or add snarky/silly/sophomoric comments to humorous (and not so humorous) posts.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Lisa Lind

This past week I watched a 7-part documentary on alternative treatments for cancer in Asia.  (The Truth About Cancer, Eastern Medicine: Journey Through Asia).  One of the doctors interviewed was addressing the need to have positive emotions, control stress, address grief; and laugh, because it strengthens the immune system.  He stated that children laugh 400 times a day but adults only laugh 40 times a day.  He said, "that's why kids can eat dirt and not get cancer!"

So here's another corny joke that will hopefully boost your immune system:

"Hello, you've reached the Incontinence Hotline. Please hold!"
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