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July 23, 2021 - A bump in the road that we will get around.

Good Morning, 
On Tuesday when Lisa was at Sunnybrook in Toronto she had a CT scan. I spoke with Dr. Christina Kim yesterday and we reviewed the results. Though the results are not totally favourable they were in my mind, expected. Over the last 24 months Lisa's CT scans have always showed things to be stable or they leaned towards the side of legions on her liver were shrinking. This scan was a little different. And know that we have seen this type of things on other CT scans where the legions got a little bigger. This scan showed that 3 of the larger legions had increased in size. The others stayed the same. They follow and trace about 20 of her over 40 legions on Lisa's liver. Though this news was a little disappointing it was expected. Lisa has not got systemic chemo in about 8 weeks and only had 3 days of chemo over the last 6 weeks in her internal pump before we ran up to Toronto remove it from the pump due to her bilirubin was too high. 

I know this is tough news. Even though I had prepared Lisa and even myself, till you hear it from the doctor it is never more real. I had a good talk with Dr. Kim and she is very optimistic and looking at the last 8 weeks Dr. Kim expected the same results. Dr. Kim put things in an interesting perspective and after she explained it, it seemed to put us at a little more ease, for the moment. Dr. Kim looks at Lisa's condition as a chronic disease, not just stage 4 Colon rectal Cancer. The reality is that Lisa will never be able to be cured from from it. What Dr. Kim does is, she manages it to continuously treat it, like diabetes or crones. She said that she will continue to treat her and manage the illness for long term sustainability. Dr. Kim said Lisa needs to get back on track with chemo which as you know, Lisa is now on once again. 

Lisa received another round of systemic chemo on Wednesday here in Windsor and like I had mentioned they gave her Benadryl to counteract some of the side affects she had been experiencing on the last few round of this chemo. She was exhausted on Wednesday but as Thursday rolled in she started coming out of the "fog". Today she will have her external chemo pump removed and I'm sure as the steroid drugs finish today the next few days will be hard on her. Lisa is frustrated as you can imagine after feeling good for the last 6 weeks she knows the battle she is in for when the chemo starts up again. Once again she will be limited to what she can do. Not that is totally incapacitated but she is limited. She can't drive, she can't walk far, she can't stand for very long. Everything is limited and she needs help even if she doesn't think she does. That makes it hard for her when she just wants to do simple things. 

On top of all the physical things the chemo does to her, it also limits her mentally. She says she is in a fog and has a hard time concentrating on things. She says the chemo makes her lose her train of thought and makes it hard keep focused. I'm thinking I have those same symptoms and I don't have chemo. lol. The road ahead is going to tough. I have seen what chemo it does to Lisa. I know I've continuously told you how Lisa keeps a good attitude and finds strength to continue smiling. I don't know what tomorrow will bring but if for some reason Lisa gets frustrated and loses a little bit of her smile I will very much understand. I honestly don't know how she keeps so positive and happy. I do know yesterdays news was a grey cloud but I know the cloud will move and there is sun behind it. 

Lisa will continue to work towards wellness and I will make sure she I keep our Diva on track to all her events. The next part of this journey will take a lot out of Lisa but we need to just move through all of this piece by piece and day by day. Lisa's determination I'm sure will persevere and fuel me to make sure there are no road blocks in her way. 

Moving forward and focused with my Diva
Lisa's tour manager 

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