Honor Lisa

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“In honor of Lisa CalderoneThanks 4 all U share, all U do, all U are.U are one tough cookie and yet as spirit filled as a swaying field of golden wheat”

— Joeski from Nebraski

“In honor of Lisa Calderone”

— Sister Kieran Sawyer

“In honor of Lisa Calderone”

— Judy Dankert

“In honor of Lisa Calderone. I love following Lisa's unfolding story. She writes with such wisdom and happiness amidst the trial she is on.”

— Barbara Tubbesing

“In honor of Lisa Calderone”

— Val Pendrick

“In honor of Lisa Calderone's birthday today”

— Suzanne E. Getz

“In honor of Lisa Calderone”

— Shirley Wirth

— Andrea Ghose

“With much love from your HC roommate. It is no surprise that your life is in service to others. I remember those great banana curls...ox Mary”

— Ms. Mary F. Myers

“In honor of Lisa Calderone”

— Ms. Jean A. Taylor