Lillian’s Story

Site created on October 7, 2019

Lillian was diagnosed back in Dec. 2018. She immediately started treatment and had a port put in her chest. She has undergone multiple chemo treatments and spinal tap with chemo to the spine. She has fought hard and just wants to be your normal 4 year old. She has lost all her hair due to treatment. She got a fungus infection in her knee back in July, due to numbers being low her body didn't respond. We spent 2 weeks right after the 4th of July in the hopsital. The fungus ate a hole in her knee and spread to her lungs. She is doing 12 weeks of IV antifungal meds to stop the spreading and get rid of the fungus. Her Summer was taken away from her. She wasn't allowed to swim or play in water due to the knee and due to the access of her port. She Is still not in the clear and still has another almost 2 years of chemo. Her diagnosis has taken a financial hit to us! We are not getting the financial support we once were. Lillian has 2 other sisters as well and with Lillian’s medical condition mom still can’t work! Any funds would go to helping pay ongoing bills, to pay for things like gas for medical appointments, co-pays for medical appointments, food, Clorox wipes to keep the house clean for Lillian! 

Newest Update

Journal entry by Tara Buchholz

Today officially marks the 12 week mark of the antifungal iv meds! We are pleased to say we No Longer have to take them or the nasty potassium! All labs came back great! For this week she gets to be a normal 4 year old! 
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