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Welcome to my CaringBridge website. I'll  be using it to keep family and friends updated about this breast cancer "journey" in one place. I appreciate everyone's support and words of hope and encouragement, but it has become overwhelming to update everyone individually. Thanks for visiting.

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Journal entry by Liana Weitz

That’s how I started my day today.

I’ve been getting mammograms every year of what seems like the forever of my life... and they have never worried me. And now, I’m sitting here holding back tears, terrified they’re going to want to “take a closer look” at something. Seriously, f*ck cancer.

What I didn’t know is that as a bonus(?) of having breast cancer, they give you your mammo results right after the mammo... you don’t have to wait for days, which, as anyone who has been through this knows, is the worst part.

And because I didn’t have to wait, I can insert the happy ending in this same post... Everything looks fine! They’ll see me next year (insert giant smiley face here)


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