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December 04, 2019

My goodness time is flying! Had a very grateful Thanksgiving yet missed our girls. Liam is continuing to make steady bt slow
Improvements. He is eating , sleeping, and becoming more engaged in his home life. I got Black Friday deal on an iPad and we are loving it! He is learning how to play games, take pictures, and FaceTime through the iPad. It’s is so wonderful to see his face light up.
We watch football and he is starting to be able to follow the score and the progress. At least he forgets our big losses! 
Love and peace to you all!

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November 24, 2019

Good morning! We have had a pretty good couple of days here in the great northeast! Liam enjoyed a visit form his friend Amanda and they watched Grease. He mouthed the words to every song. Amanda’s visit gave Anthony and I the opportunity for a big hot date to the Home Depot and for a slice of pizza. we think Basilico’s has gone down hill or maybe they had an off night. Anyway it was such a blessing to get out. We also had a visit earlier Friday from a social worker from the Brain Injury Association of Pa. he provided hope that there  are resources that we can tap into to get Liam as far back from this injury as possible. Grateful that our tax dollars are helping people like Liam! 
Liam had a few amazing memories. At least it amazed us! He actually remembered his social security number when the social worker asked. We have never even talked about that so it literally blew us away! 
We. Into us to wrk on memory and today we will be drilling in what does a quarterback do and wher is a field goal and all things basic to football his past love. Go Birds! 


November 18, 2019

Liam has been home 5 days now! It is way busier than we could have dreamt but we are hanging tough. So much thanks go out to so many these past few days. KAtie and Kathy drive  up from Philly area and were unbelievable. Whirling dirvish  of support, cleaning , organizing, and cooking. A minor crisis brought out more support for a trip to the hospital for me to get a few stitches. Thanks to CAIT, Amanda, and Barb and Steve. Then Sunday Barb again and Karen. Truly we have the BEST friends. 
Liam is really doing well. He is a pet magnet as you can see in his picture. He is eating well and sleeping well too! 


November 13, 2019

On our way to a new chapter ! 


November 11, 2019

One day and counting!!! Yesterday Anthony and I had our final training at Good Shepard where we practiced helping Liam in and out of our car and out of a tub and up and down steps.   This certainly will be a lot of work but we are ready for the next chapter. 
Liam is happy when talking about coming home. He had a busy weekend with many fromPhilly coming up to visit while he is still in Lehigh valley.  Thanks to Tres, Paige, Ryan Madi and Kevin! 
Hoping the weather is kind enough to us! 


November 06, 2019

Hello family and friends! Time is flying as we prepare to bring Liam home. Thanks for all you thoughts and prayers and generosity! 
Liam had a fantastic weekend and  start to the week. He was visited by his friend Tres Saturday and then the Philly recovery showed up in great numbers. Thanks to Kelsey, Paige, Doreen, Jacey, and Pete. Sounds like everyone had a good time and liam benefits so much from the loving interaction.
On Monday  Regina and Marnie came and although he remembers no names he actually called Reg ,   “Reavey” . It is so amazing when something like that comes from within! 
Anthony and Peter and I are getting psyched  and working hard to ready the house for Liam. 
Thanks to Megan and her family for a cord of wood and to Matt for helping stack it. We have friends coming to move furniture and fill a dumpster on Friday. So many moving parts! We are so blessed!


November 01, 2019

Hello! Once again apologies for lack of posts but we have been caught up in a new normal that includes hundreds of miles of driving and trying to balance work and home and getting ready for liam to come home. Yes! That’s right . Come home!
We have an intended discharge date of 11/13. Today we have a meeting with his doctor and the care team to discuss more of what we can expect. 
We know that he will need 24/7 supervision and we are making plans around that.
He continues to make improvements and we will be setting up out patient therapies so he can continue in his progress in terms of balance, strength, and cognition.
Thank you all for you continued prayers and support. It is a long road but we are feeling hopeful!


October 23, 2019

Hello! I was away for girls weekend and now feel like I’m behind on everything. It was well worth it! Hi am so grateful for my Camp Peeps for their love and support! You rock!
This week has been great . Nana and Pop had multiple opportunities to visit Liam and they jogged his memory and kept him engaged! So much love!  Anna and Donny and Gabrielle and Brian visited too! 
Tuesday he had visits a from Marina and Bella fromPhilly  and then Paul from Scranton. It was a very busy day for Liam.
Liam is really coming along. He seems to be always thinking and trying to understand this world. His diet was advanced and now he is eating purée instead of liquids. Baby steps but giant leaps from where we were! 
Tomorrow  Anthony and I meet with his care team and get some education. More to come!