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Welcome to our CaringBridge website for Levi. We are using it to keep family and friends updated in one place. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement. Thank you for visiting.

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Newest Update

Journal entry by Summer Nelson

Dear family and friends,
   It's been a little over a month since the last update and good things continue to happen with Levi.  
  Each Monday he goes to the Castle to get the dressing changed on his central line.   Two weeks ago they also did labs.  Once again, everything showed that things are going well.  Because he is doing so well they decided that his central line could come out.  This is a huge step.  It shows that the doctors are confident in his recovery.   Levi was scheduled to get the lines removed this last Friday.   It is a procedure that they put him to sleep for.  He was a little anxious that morning while waiting to be taken back.   They ended up taking him back late and by that time he was anxious and hungry! The procedure literally took 2 minutes.   The line came out so easily that the doctor said he was surprised that Levi didn't get the line tangled in his sheets or blanket and gotten pulled out!   No more being so careful about his lines; no more flushing them everyday; no more covering and taping half his chest just so he can take a bath! No more going to the Castle every week for dressing changes.  This really is a BIG deal.   He got the line in the day after he was diagnosed with AML on Dec 9 so he's had them since Dec 10.  We are so thankful for every milestone that Levi has reached and thankful that he has come this far.   He will continue to get his blood tested monthly.  Brady and Kayla have the utmost confidence in their doctor and know he is in good hands.   
  So,  life goes on.   Levi and family continue to social distance.  It's a new way of life but it works.   Levi does get lonely though, especially for his cousins.   He wonders out loud who's coming over tonight...?  Kate is his saving grace.   Those two! They play and play and play together so well (except when they don't!) They have become so close and it's so sweet.  They truly are bestfriends!
  Harvest is in full swing in Iowa so that means busy days.  Levi loves to watch the combining.   He's spent quite a bit of time with dad in the truck.   He loves going out to the field for meals and staying a bit longer to just watch.   The busy days keep him occupied and when he gets home he is busy combining his own beans and corn with his equipment on the living room floor. 
  The next milestone they are looking forward to is when the doctors feel that his immune system is back to normal,  and they can live life normally again.  That should be about Christmas.  He's been home over 2 months and those 2 months have gone fast, so we anticipate the next 4 months to fly by as well. 
  Thank you again for your interest in our sweet Levi.  We are thankful everyday for his sweet smile and sweeter giggles.   Life is better... life is good.   Peggy 
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