Thoughts & Well Wishes

Bruce Goodrich | Oct 26, 2017
     My dear L. Once you read this through you will have to look twice and remember who to ask just to find out who this is. That's ok, If I weren't typing this I would  be asking myself, who knows who this is any way.  We are the folks from just accross the street. I knew you could could figure this out.  God bless you for putting up with this junk and waiting for use to get through to you.  
     Outher words, from time to time we will gather what little we know. this way we will be able keep you very informed on just how little we knew. Thanks for waiting, I will try harder the next time to keep you just as posted as we have this time.  Love you all. Uncle Bruce.
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Tyler Colton | Oct 11, 2017

Mike and Family,

My thoughts are with you guys, my wife works at Swedish and has been in the healthcare field for a long time and was getting up to speed on what you all are dealing with.  Please reach out if there is anything I can do and will keep your health in our families thoughts.


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