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December 4, 2019

Dear Dear Friends—


You are all on my mind, and so much appreciated that I do not have the coherent sentences to express my gratitude.  But as John reminds me, coherence is easily over rated.  


I’ve been laying low, like a horse-kicked farm dog who crawls under the porch to heal.  Much sitting in front of the fire wrapped in a blanket and feeling warm and lucky at my kind and generous husband who carries in the firewood. And for medical insurance, aware of so many others who have none of these things.


The oddest thing I’m experiencing is what must be an anesthesia hang-over— strange bursts  of memory from the distant past, as if my brain has been carbonated—events I haven’t recalled in years, or perhaps never. Can’t say it’s always pleasant, but it is mesmerizing. 


Latest update on my medical saga.  Tomorrow is my post-surgical check-up.  After that, if all goes well, I start the first of five preventative internal radiation treatments at 12 on 12.10, 12.12, 12.16, 2.18 and 12.20. These Involve a large metallic tampon, an MRI machine, lots of Ativan and a cyclotron….well, kidding about the last as MSU has one but U of M has not… 


Thank you for being you, for being with me.  Please think of me at noon-time on my treatment days, and bear with my hibernating silences.   Know my whole self is soaking up your prayers, blessings, and good wishes. 


Love, Leonora


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November 14, 2019

Dear All--

I'm not yet able to string words together to make much of a sentence.  

But I do know that ordinary life is stunningly wonderful.  I look across the living room at my sweet husband nodding off in front of the ever-repetitive news, and think how deliriously happy I am to be alive, to be here, to be surrounded by your love and good wishes, to have the benefit of great medical care, to have a body that is able to heal. 

And to have the prospect of living long enough to vote Donald Trump our of office! 

Thank you, thank you. Leonora



November 07, 2019

Good news!

Leonora heard from her surgeon. The cancer, though of an aggressive type, was contained to the uterus, with no signs of having spread to the lymph nodes, other organs, etc.

This is the best possible case!

Now, due to the particularly aggressive nature of the cancer there may still be some treatment with highly-targeted radiation, but that assessment will be made in 6 weeks, after more recovery from the surgery.

She will post more in a few days - the recovery is still hard going and even good news is exhausting - but let's have a huzzah for today's findings.  Looks like all the thoughts, prayers, and good energy paid off!



November 05, 2019

Leonora is home, feeling much better, and will tell us more tomorrow.


November 03, 2019

Hey! Here's some positive news!

Leonora has always been an overachiever - leave it to her to have a mysterious, possibly allergic, condition that looks like, but almost certainly isn't, a post-surgical infection.  There's alarming redness, but other typical / expected signs of infection haven't presented.  Subject to consultation with the physician in charge, the doctor from Leonora's OB/Gyn practice (a handsome young fellow with a demure demeanor and thorough approach) thinks she'll be going home tomorrow (though outpatient follow up for pain, swelling, etc. is necessary). 

Leonora is currently enjoying what she is describing as "the best shower ever," which will be followed by a new gown, fresh sheets, a plumped pillow, and a meal.  The patient care team here is extremely friendly and helpful, which is certainly a plus.

That's all for now.

(As a side note, apparently all hospitals now have sushi.  Raw fish isn't on the patient menu, but is abundant in the dining court ... I've had more sushi in the past week ...)


November 02, 2019

Leonora is feeling somewhat more comfortable this afternoon, optimistic that the antibiotics are doing their job (though another 24 hours is needed to make a proper determination).  Among other goodish news, peristalsis has resumed, which I see as an occasion for a dance party. (As they say, "absence makes the fart grow fonder.") However, she would like to rest / sleep this afternoon, which also seems like a good way to go.  Roger was also able to go get some rest, and will be rejoining Leonora in a few hours.



November 01, 2019

John here.

Well, this ain't great. 

After a particularly painful night followed by a visit to the ER today, Leonora is being admitted to E.W. Sparrow Hospital.  Though CT scan shows no obvious deep tissue involvement, there's clearly infection. IV antibiotics and pain relief were started a few hours ago - Roger indicates that Sparrow physicians communicated with the surgeon, and says to expect a couple days stay (improvement could mean going home, lack of progress means a return trip to University of Michigan Medical Center).  I'll likely head up to Lansing tomorrow. 

That's all I know right now.  Keep those good vibes coming.  



October 31, 2019

Roger here. Leonora is doing OK, but a difficult night last night with lots of discomfort continuing today.  However, we expected there would be times like this.  She is feeling a bit better now. Healing and heading in the right direction. Thanks so much for all your good thoughts and prayers.  Time for a nap.